:: What to Wear & What to Take
Fans - Getting there early, what are you going to take with you?  Use our weather link to know what to expect.

Even on a normal dry day in London you’d be surprised how cold you can get just standing about.  If it’s not going to be a sunny day you need to think layers.  It’s the best way to stay warm and you can always take things off and put it in a bag if you’re getting too hot.

Umbrella - If you’re at the front then people behind you won’t be able to see and they may object to you having an umbrella. Bring a raincoat or mac to keep dry.

Bag - Bring a small/medium bag perhaps for a change of dry clothes, something to eat/drink (once the crowds are there you won’t be able to get out and back easily) and don't forget your autograph book; just in case!  Bring a bag that you don't mind getting dirty as it maybe useful to have it on the ground to sit on.

Please be aware, for security, bag checks will be carried out on arrival and at entrances to the public pens.